Uplifting view

The Canadian Rockies have an amazing geological history, but beyond that, they are just a jaw-dropping vista.

Today’s campground is in Canmore, Alberta, which is in a valley between two ranges of mountains.

This one, I think is Mount Charles Stewart, which is almost 10,000 feet. I love the lighting here, but I just wish it hadn’t been so hazy.

From Calgary and even closer, the mountains have been obscured somewhat by a haze. We saw the haze even further east, on the way from Drumheller and the Royal Tyrrell Museum (dinosaurs!). There it looked like a low-lying blanket of haze held in by a temperature inversion. That may be in play here.

I asked the guy at the oil change shop in Canmore, and he said it was the smoke from wildfires in British Columbia.

Anû Kathâ Îpa, to use the traditional Stoney Kadoka Nation name for this peak, which translates to Bald Eagle Peak.

Even so, here at the base of this range, the view is still stunning.

One of the mountains in the photos is of Bald Eagle Peak, which is a translation of the Stoney Nakoda people’s longtime name of Anû Kathâ Îpa. That’s the official name now, a welcome change from an offensive name given by whites about 100 years ago.

These peaks are all under 10,000 feet, but they are still amazing to see.

View from the tire shop on the south end of town.
View from the Safeway parking lot in downtown Canmore, Alberta

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