Day 100 of retirement: the best-laid plans …

I’ve never been accused of being in much of a hurry for anything. Is it any surprise that we’re not in a hurry in retirement?

Today marks 100 days of retirement, and something less than that of actual full-timing in our little R-Pod.

It really shouldn’t be surprising that plans have changed. Evolved, perhaps.

Sidelined is more like it.

“Delayed” sounds better.

The plan for the middle of January called for us to have made it to Quartzite, Arizona, to boondock with a group of fellow Escapees RV Club members, enjoying the sun and the warm temperatures and the lack of freezing weather.

Unfortunately, right after Christmas, a medical issue that shall not be named here changed those plans. We made a trip to the ER, then had to find a long-term site where we could wait for an appointment with the specialist and a decision on what the next step should be. 

Instead of soaking up the sun and hiking in the desert Southwest, we have hunkered down east of Plano. In the first week here, one night was supposed to be 22 degrees but actually was 18, with a wind chill of THREE! The freshwater tank didn’t freeze up until the next morning, but we survived with no damage. Since then it’s been into the 30s several times.

We’re at a nice park with concrete pads and patios and *full hookups* so we’re in pretty good shape.

I think the neighbors, who have all been great, are shocked that we can survive each other in such a small space, but that’s been no problem for us. We’re pretty much homebodies anyhow.

But assuming that the medical issue can be resolved as easily as I hope it will be, we probably will stay here through the end of February at least, then perhaps start making our way north for a visit to Tulsa and to Arkansas, before heading further north. Missouri certainly. Michigan should be cool in the summer. Or we might end up in the Dakotas and Montana and maybe Canada, if we get our passports back in time.

The adventure continues, even if it’s rather stationary for now.

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