What we did on our Christmas vacation

It’s true. When you’re retired, it’s not really a Christmas vacation. But it was special, because we got to share the holiday for the first time with my son’s family. We’ve been with or hosted the other kids and grandkids at different times, so this was pretty cool.

There was an observance of “La Posada” at church, portraying Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem.

A chilly day, and Vicki was glad we had put wraps and scarves in the van!

Keep with the Hispanic theme, there was also a piñata.

Older kids had to use the blindfold, which made targeting the Piñata tougher.
Did I mention it was a chilly day?
And yes, for a change I got the money shot! Success for both of us!
Then comes the mad scramble for goodies.

Christmas Day itself involved presents for the grandkids, of course.

For one, it was a trip the the Texas Triffid Ranch for a carnivorous plant.
Books are always a big hit
Digging for semiprecious gemstones

And there was food, including homemade bagels.

Some kids are so sharing!

Not to mention the goose. My favorite taste treat, however, was the chestnut stuffing. Wonderful.

Sorry, no photo of the stuffing. 😦
Everyone had a seat at the table, even the unnamed doggies. He was stuffed before supper, however, and didn’t eat much.

Also there was time for Plano family photos in the pool, of course. Not quite Florida, but still warm enough for a swim when you have the heater on.

After all that fun, back at the camper, it was time for some eggnog. Yum. God bless us, every one!

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