Twilight Zone: Breaking the Dawn

For most of my career, I worked the swing shift, starting somewhere between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., and then working until midnight or much later.

That often meant I was working at sunset, stuck inside a building. Often with no windows.

Fading sunflowers welcome the daylight. Wow. It’s too early to be so poetic and anthropomorphic. Dying sunflowers are silhouetted in the predawn light. There.

Sunrise? What’s that?

I knew it happened, but most days you couldn’t prove it by me.

Now that I’m in retirement, I still don’t get out early. I may be awake early, but I try to keep it quiet if Vicki is still sleeping.

Thicker fog rises from the other branch of the lake between the two hills.

Today was different. Sunset from our site at Tuttle Creek Cove Park, an Army Corps of Engineers campground near Manhattan, Kansas, is on the other side of a hill. Pretty boring, at least from our site.

Looking across the lake last night, I realized dawn had a lot of potential.

So when I saw the curtains giving a hint of early morning light, I got my camera and went outside. 

Peek-a-boo, ol’ Sol!

The weather forecast called for fog, but there were only wisps of it in the branch of the lake by our site. Across the way, where another inlet perhaps had warmer water, a big cloud was lifting.

Good morning, sunshine!

I got some photos and even a video. 

Vicki was awake but still in bed when I came back in to download the images to the computer. At one point I laughed, and she opened an eye to watch. “Why is your video shaking so much,” she asked.

The reply seemed obvious to me. “That’s the shivers; it’s cold outside!”

But I offer these images today to the world, well, to that tiny fragment of the Internet users who ever look at my blog (thanks, Bo!), that I can, in fact, get out of a warm bed and out of my cozy camper before the sun rises.

So there. 


As I was headed back into the camper, I noticed the wisps of fog rising from the water, so I had to get one more image.
This is a beautiful site, but never again do I want to try to thread a needle the way this space requires.
Our travels so far …

One thought on “Twilight Zone: Breaking the Dawn

  1. We keep getting later and later getting to sleep. It seems that we’ve seen the sunrise from the back end of our days more often than I’d like to say lately. It IS a thing!


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