Day 167 of retirement: Back on the road

McALESTER, Oklahoma — It’s good to be able to use a dateline that is not in Texas. We spent about a third of our retirement so far tethered to medical needs in the Plano area, but no more.

Farewell, ice and snow and Plano winters. Actually, it’s pretty nice, except when it isn’t.

Recently my doc gave me a green light to doing pretty much what I wanted to do, including traveling again. What a relief.

I debated how much detail to give in describing the issues that I previously said would not be named here. Keeping in mind the sensitivities of the guys reading this, I’ll just say that the treatment involved something I like to describe as a Roto-Rooter. Guys, take a moment to wince here, if you need to.

But we have left Plano and Lavon Lake behind, glad to get away from the recurrent ice storms and more glad to avoid the coming heat waves, but sad to leave some of the great folks we camped with at The Waters RV Park, which will soon expand into a gated tiny home community.

We spent a night here in McAlester at the Valley Inn Motel and RV Park. It’s a pretty basic park, but the pads are level and we didn’t even unhook. The park has a bar, but there’s smoking and we took a pass on that. Instead, we ordered pizza delivery and ate on it for the next two days. The trip from Lavon Lake was a white-knuckled drive in the wind. Nothing dangerous, but we slowed way down and got lousy gas mileage. The stop was a much needed layover on the way to Tulsa.

Serendipity brought two nice folks from Wisconsin into our lives at the RV park. Dom and Karen pulled in next door after us, and it turns out Dom is about as chatty as I can be once I get wound up. We had a good visit about travel and music and religion.

Good people are everywhere — at the doctor’s office, in the RV store, and right next door. 

Next stop: Visiting two more of the grandkids.

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