It’s bigger on the outside!

Fans of the BBC’s “Doctor Who” series may recognize the reference. Other folks may be puzzled.

Unlike the Doctor’s time-traveling spaceship, our R-Pod 178 is small. Inside and out. The only dimensional folding that takes place happens on laundry day.

My point is that while our space may be restricted, once we go out the front door (OK, the only door!), the outside that we get to enjoy is just as big and just a beautiful as the one enjoyed by folks in their 50-foot-long Class A RV motor coaches. 

Sometimes, since we can get into more parks, our outside may be even bigger. Or seem that way.

In our first few weeks of full-timing, we haven’t been outside as much as we planned. A lot of time has been spent thinking about and actually doing some rearranging and more paring down. For a while, we spent a good bit of time morning and evening transferring boxes of “stuff” from the bed to the dinette to make room for the other needed parts of life in a camper. It’s down to a couple of little boxes and some kitchen things that just don’t have a home yet.

From what other campers have said, the process of paring down never really ends.

A retired friend once said that it took her all day to do nothing. There’s an element of truth in that. I already was living at a slow pace, at least when I wasn’t on deadline at work, and I’ve chilled out a good bit more. 

But despite the size, we find that we are content. That applies to our space, our lives, our daily routines. You can’t beat that.

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